Organizational Consulting

Anthony Metten — Organizational Consultant

Thought Leader and author Anthony Metten holds the secret to a more efficient, empowered, and engaged office dynamic: It’s personal evolution, and it’s fundamental to professional growth. Metten’s game-changing philosophy encompasses his experiences as a Senior Vice President at one of the financial industry’s largest global institutions, and as an acclaimed career coach with these two in-the-trenches perspectives fortified by accessible and practical principles of psychology. His presentations are bold, entrancing, and results driven. Below is a sampling of his popular engagement topics—each presentation can be structured to accommodate a client’s needs and scheduling preferences. In addition, Metten offers captivating keynote addresses and a variety of coaching packages for "C" through "A" suite executives.

Training Workshops


Deliver Impactful Public Presentations

Anthony Metten demystifies the art of public speaking and office presentations through easy-to-integrate concepts of personal authenticity. Living according to your true essence is step one, and taking that to professional public settings is step two. Metten’s in-depth training enables you make this profound connection.


The Drama Free Office

Lack of communication, vague communication, and misreading social cues often promotes exhausting and unproductive baggage that is actually very unnecessary. This essential session instructs you how to work smoothly with others through enlightening the office to social intelligence. These are simple-to-implement concepts that help everyone understand, and be able able to navigate, the often murky dynamics of interpersonal relationships.


Management and Leadership Skills Bootcamp

First-time supervisors and seasoned pros alike will benefit immensely from this intensive. Let Metten whip your supervisors, managers, and senior executives into leadership shape with a fortifying session crafted from psychology fundamentals, sports teambuilding strategies, and Metten’s own senior executive experiences.