What Are You NOT Capable of?

I was sent a video that truly inspired me to ask the question – What are we not capable of? In the video, it shows a cyclist performing what use to be unimaginable stunts. Stunts that once would have been considered physically impossible or too dangerous to attempt. Yet, here is this rider doing things that stretches our reality, imagination, curiosity and sense of boundaries. And it begs the question as to what will we be doing, seeing, and able to achieve tomorrow, next year, or in a decade?

Really, our limits, for the most part, are self-imposed. We are limited by our willingness to see beyond what we already know – what others are already doing. But what if we were not bound by our preconceived notions of reality? What if we were able to see beyond what exists today, and rather, focused on what we would like to see, or, what would be our desired reality if there was no barrier to its existence?

Achieving great things and breaking through perceived barriers takes hard work and a willingness to fail before seeing what you once thought impossible, actually is possible. You must believe you, and allow yourself to hear the doubt that others so freely dish out. in the hopes that their status quo remains so that they too don’t have to change.

Whether it’s in business or your personal life, this cyclist will make you think twice before you ever again say – That’s Impossible!

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