An Eighth Floor View

I was reading a very good book the other day, “The Advantage Maker”, by Steven Feinberg, Ph.D., and it told a story of two people standing at an eighth floor window watching a commuting motorist attempt to bypass traffic by taking side streets. Although doing quite well and making considerable progress compared to those on the freeway, the motorist eventually made an ill-fated left turn on to a street that was backed up due to construction. From the eighth floor vantage point it was clear that the left hand turn was a mistake, but from the driver’s street level view it was a logical and rational decision that, unfortunately, had goal opposing consequences.

What is your vantage point? Where do you position yourself when you make important decisions in business and for your life? To have a strategic vantage point you need to position yourself, behaviorally, at the most opportune place. So where is that for you? Where do you need to go to have the right vantage point?

Consider the possibilities and the changing perspective you will gleam from seeing your actions from different angles and heights, and the differing context that will accompany each. Change from a linear thought process to a multidimensional, nonlinear approach and consider not only the expected, but the unexpected solutions to your situation. Only then will you truly have the available information to see your situation from a strategic vantage point.

So the next time you need to make an important decision, position yourself to see the different opportunities by shifting your vantage point and quickly adopting an eighth floor view.